Being an Amazombie was rarely fun, but they sure knew how to throw a party… (Author’s photo)

You don’t need to be 65 to retire. You don’t need to be a multimillionaire. You don’t need to be a tech bro, or a lawyer, or a well-off medical professional. (Though that would definitely help!) Industry gurus like Suze Orman claim you need at least $5 million (and ideally…

Grigory Lukin Let’s Retire Young options doors choices
One of these doors might make you money. One might bankrupt you. (Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay)

Investing can be a fascinating pastime, as well as a very rewarding hobby — both figuratively and literally. Earlier, I wrote about the more traditional types of investing — stocks, covered calls, and even investing in yourself. There’s another topic that I’d like to talk about: calls and puts.


A beautiful memory, for the price of a trinket. (Image by Марина Вельможко from Pixabay)

It’s been seven months and 17 days since I declared financial independence, cut ties with my employer, since I ended my 11.5-year career at Amazon, since I turned in my badge and drove off with a manic grin on my face, whoop-whooping and laughing the entire way home. …

If only every passenger were like this. (Image by Eddie K from Pixabay)

Earlier, I wrote about my least successful and most successful gigs. And now, to finish off this strange, strange trilogy, I’ll talk about some shady and/or questionable gigs I wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole.

Individual views differ, and it’s entirely possible that what I consider to be questionable gigs…

circle of competence things I would never invest in Grigory Lukin
What is your circle of competence? (Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay)

The key to achieving financial independence is “earn more, spend less, invest the rest.” Each component of this trifecta is important in its own way, and there are lots of nuances and subtleties.

You can still increase your net worth if you fail at one of the three: for example…

Grigory Lukin

I’m a relentlessly self-improving nomadic Siberian analyst who managed to retire young at the edge of the world, in the beautiful Quebec City. I write about $.

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