The Full List of My Medium Articles on Early Retirement!

Because binge-reading is fun ;)

Grigory Lukin


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I like to scroll down and dig in archives as much as any other geek, but that’s not the best way to explore someone’s work. I figured I’d make things easier for my retirement-curious prospective readers if I just compiled a list of all my articles and pinned it up for everyone to see.

Binge-read away, and please feel free to comment, highlight, clap, share your thoughts, and send your favourite articles to your friends. This is all for you.

About Me: I retired at 34. I can teach you how

My Millennial early retirement story, or: how I learned to stop worrying and love the lean-FIRE

Geographic arbitrage, or how I live on $1,000 USD a month (or close to it)

What do you want? What do you need? What will you compromise on?

How to invest in stocks — and why you shouldn’t do it

What does a typical early retirement day look like?

Cost-efficient hobbies, or why video games are 100 times better than movies

Which FIRE style works best for you?

How to get a tech job without learning how to code

Frugality vs Frupidity

Overcoming the gravitational pull of your old job

Treat yourself! How to balance avocado toast and happiness

Mental time travel, or how to get motivation from your future self

Quebec City: the Ideal Retirement Destination?

Life without a car, or how I’ve learned to embrace simplicity

You have more than you think

How do you actually start saving money?

The Nuts and Bolts of Frugality: Weird Tips and Tricks

How to Invest in Yourself: Different Types of Investing

Is cheap dating possible?

Cheap travel and you: a how-to guide

Save Time, Save Money: Two Sides of the Same Coin

How to Avoid Investment Stress



Grigory Lukin

I managed to retire at 34 through austerity and self-improvement: now I’m enjoying lean-FIRE life in Quebec City. My personal finance blog can teach you how. :)